Cat Care Extraordinaire!

"Ellen takes care of me when my family goes away.  She gives me lots of treats, then we have a photo op, then we watch QVC, and then I lie down and get brushed and brushed.  Take it from me: she is the best!" 

--Talyn, a very satisfied customer

Hi Neighbors,

I would love to take care of your cats while you are away!  And your plants, fish, gerbils, and other small pets, too!

I have many decades of experience with all kinds of cats: big, small, happy, grumpy, bold, brazen or scaredy, pin-up puddies, hunky Toms, the uniquely strange, some amazing “ferals,” my own fabulous kitties, and more! 

I like cats, and they like me.  I am also committed to making good lives for our “neighborhood” cats through years of volunteering for Fix Our Ferals ( 

I can provide strong references from many local kitties including Talyn, Buki, Tiger, Tommy, Lita, Eddie, Elsa, Lulu, Thomas, Lorna, Duke, Sybil, Larry -- and their owners too! 

While you are out of town or away at work, I will give your cat the high-quality care and companionship she needs and deserves.  Of course, if she would rather hide under the bed and just wants somebody to open the catfood can, I totally understand. 

If you and your little one live in El Cerrito, Richmond, Point Richmond or thereabouts, please contact me for Cat Care Extraordinaire! 

Ellen Sasaki