"Ellen tamed our skittish, psycho cat! By the time we got home 'Sweetie' (aka Killer) was so calm and happy she treated us like we had only been gone long enough to buy more cat food!  We are thrilled to find someone who actually speaks cat!! We are finally free to roam around the country without worry. Ellen’s daily emails and photos were so reassuring from a hotel room far, far away.

          --- ​Rhonda, Marina Bay

"Folks, I can personally attest to Ellen’s excellence in cat care! When I unexpectedly had to be away for two weeks, she stepped up like a bloomin’ hero and did a simply wonderful job of taking care of my darling cat, visiting daily, feeding and watering, as well as visiting and playing with my cat, who does need company. He was obviously thrilled to see her whenever she came. I would also certainly trust her to deal with any emergencies that might have come up (but which didn’t). Ellen’s been specializing in cat care for a long time, and is really great at it. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

          --- Kate, Richmond N&E

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